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Established in 2011, GCOMM is one of the leading market research firms in integrated projects. Thanks to profound understanding of Vietnam market, GCOMM is proud of being the ideal market insights partner for local and international enterprises. With GCOMM’s assistance, you are granted the highest confidence in making your strategic decisions because your projects will be handled with three concrete principles

GCOMM commits the highest integrity standard in collecting and transforming data into precise market report and knowledge. GCOMM’s code of ethics and conduct guarantee our deliverables to reveal the true pictures that our clients need to properly understand their market and businesses.
GCOMM is founded and operated by highly competent market research experts, with minimal 10 years of experience in Vietnam market. Therefore, beyond data, GCOMM provides accurate and in-depth research analysis and sound consultant to our partners.
The key factor that sustains GCOMM’s credit up to now is the young and energetic team who is dedicated to every single project regardless of its size. The youthful and creative GCOMMers, combined with thorough training scheme at GCOMM will bring you peace of mind when you handle your important projects to us.

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GCOMM offers good fieldwork quality, fast pace working, especially for qualitative project. Further, GCOMM team is very dedicated. They are good listeners and take action to deliver. I can observe how fast GCOMM has constantly grown in the last 4 years.
I am pleased to handle my company’s call center research to GCOMM. We even propose to have them as our exclusive call center partner.
GCOMM quantitative projects have trustful data. I have tracked details and have not found any fault in data. Service team is helpful and professional. The price is highly affordable, most competitive to other agencies.
The "Like" about GCOMM is their servicing skills and responsiveness to client. The service team is good, provides timely feedback and interactive with client. It is possible to say that GCOMM’s expertise is no less than other international research firms. However, the key “dislike” about GCOMM is that it almost does not speak for itself and very rarely that you could see them advertise for their own products.”
The most special ingredient of GCOMM is the unique approach, because working with GCOMM, you do not feel like you just work with an agency, but an internal team member who always want the best outcome of every project.

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